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Location. Part shade is ideal with 4 – 6 hours in sunlight. Not under trees.

Mark out pond contours by using string or sand on the ground.

Dig out pond, deeper in the middle with planting shelves around the side.

Remember the water in a shallow pond heats up much quicker and algae forms quicker.

Line the hole with fleece. Do not use old carpet as this will rot and any stones left underneath could damage the liner causing leaks.

Measure for liner. Width x length x deepest part and add 1/2m overlap on edges.

Carefully lay out the liner.

Calculate volume of water (Nailsea Patio Supplies can help with this if you give them the above dimensions).

Fit the correct size pump, filter and uv depending on volume of water or if you are having plants and/or fish or a fountain for a clear water that will last.

Add lights or water display, fish and plants. Relax and enjoy.


The durable black PVC liner is ideally suited for garden ponds

Easy to install

Flexible, strong and easily contoured.

Totally safe for all aquatic life.

Available in many different prepack sizes.

Greenseal liner also available a new budget alternative to butyl liner.


These clip together and create a boundary so that herons and other animals cannot enter the pond.


Clean the filters regularly and when dirty and change UV bulb annually.

If you have a large pond with fish, the pump must be fitted on a ledge 12” – 18” below water level. In the winter fish go to the bottom of the pond where the water is warmer. This helps to keep their immune system healthy.

Keep pump operating all year round. The volume of water going through the filter prevents water freezing in the winter months.

When installing a filter system where there is no waterfall, the pipe from the filter needs to be above the water to aeriate and oxygenate the water.

Do not overstock with fish or plants. Too many fish cause too much waste and too many plants will take oxygen out of the water.

Feed fish with good quality floating food. Only feed as much as can be eaten in 5 minutes. After 5 minutes scoop away any uneaten food, as this can cause dangerous toxins and form a scum on the water.

When adding any pond treatment or fish medicine, turn off the uv light as this will render the treatments useless.


To keep a pond healthy, it is important to check water quality. You can check the PH value, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia levels with quick and easy dip sticks.

In fountains and There are various products available to correct these imbalances.

For debris on surface of water such as leaves use a skimmer to collect debris and prevent it from dropping to the bottom and rotting and contaminating the water.

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